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Question: Two weeks ago my mother had died and her funeral prayer had been performed by one of my relatives as Imam and I was a muqtadi (follower) that means I prayed behind Imam. Her burial had been completed then. But I came to know later that my mother's desire was like that I pray her funeral prayer as Imam. Is there any way now that I can pray her funeral prayer again as Imam? or what can I do for fulfilling her desire/wish? I am feeling deep sadness in my heart I loved my mother very much. I want to do any good things for her. I have heard some hadiths about praying funeral prayer by Prophet (sm) in graveyard after burial and funeral prayer in absentia.
I pray to Allah to console your heart, inspire you with patience in accepting the will of Allah, and forgive your beloved mother.
As for the wish of your mom for you to lead her funeral prayer, there is no need for you to brood over it now. You only came to know about it later.  Since funeral prayer is already done, it is not necessary to redo it.
However, if there are people who did not attend the funeral prayer and they want to do it, you may accompany them to the graveyard, and you may lead them in prayer.
Otherwise, you need not feel guilty over this mistake on your part. It was not intentional on your part. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Allah has excused the members of my community for their wilful mistakes, forgetfulness, and slip-ups."


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