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Question: Assalamu self was in relationship with a girl. Who was my classmate. First we were in good friendship then it turned up to a serious relationship of 4 years. Due to some family issues i couldn't marry her even the whole family situations were against me now she married another man and she lives happily. The thing at the stage of relationship we commited some zina like kissing hugging. Im worried about the punishment that Allah going to give me. Will allah forgive me ??? if one girls heart is broken n she is in pain..bcoz of her pain da whole family got disturbed..will there any affect of Imprecation at those guys..??
You have committed a grave offense. However, since you are feeling remorseful and are determined to seek repentance, you can rest assured that Allah is All-Merciful and Forgiving as long as you are willing to turn to Him in sincere repentance.
As far as she is concerned, it behooves her to do the same. You should only wish her good and never bother her again.
For details on the procedure of repentance, please refer to the answer linked below.


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