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Question: Praise be to Allah SWT the sustainer of entire universe and blessings of Allah SWT be on his prophet Muhammad SAW the seal of Prophet.Assalam o Alaikum Sir My name is Roshan Ali. I want to know the ruling and islamic principles about Hunting. I sometime go to hunt wild ducks which come to over area during winter. I usually shoot flying ducks with my shotgun away on desert mounds where they fly. Sometimes as I shoot ducks it hit them and since the duck are small birds they pass out before i reach the location where they fell after being hit by my shot. As soon as i shoot and as soon as a duck is hit and it starts decending to the groud i leave my position and run for it .But Quite often as i reach to the fallen duck i find it with no movement. It has already passed out because of the impact of shot. However i try my level best to Halal it with my knife before it passes. I run for it make efforts. But quite often duck dies before i reach it even in seconds of being hit and even before falling to the groud. So my question is is the duck halal that shows no signs of life while saying takbeer? If we say it is haram then 99 cent of all hunted ducks are haram as they are hunted with shotguns and impact of shotgun instantly kill them. As there is difference between pet birds and wild birds. Wild birds are to be hunted with fire arms and they die with the impact of fire. While pet bords like roaster are caught alive . I will be very thankful if you guide me by islamic rulings on the matter. Wasalam
Islamic rules of slaughter are intended to prevent torture of animals to ensure killing in the most humane manner as possible. The Prophet spelled it out clearly when he said: 
"Allah enjoins compassion/ benevolence in everything; so when you kill an animal (for food) inflict the least amount of pain. So, make sure to sharpen the knife and bring comfort to the animal"  (Reported by Muslim on the authority of Shaddad b. Aws)
Islam also forbids the killing of animals except for food; hence his specific orders to the soldiers going to war not to kill animals except for food.
While killing, we ought to kill the animals as humanely as possible: i.e. by inflicting the minimum of pain.
Now coming to hunting: We are allowed to hunt only for consuming the meat. In other words, Islam does not permit hunting as a sport or simply a fun, not for consumption.  
As for hunting for food, we are allowed to do so using trained dogs or falcons, etc. we can also do us using spears and lances, as well as guns.
The Prophet said: "If you were to hunt using Mi’radh (an arrow which is slender at the two ends, and thick in the middle), and it hits the target by its sharp end, piercing the flesh (causing bleeding), then you may eat it. If, however, it has been hit by its thick middle part, then you shouldn’t eat it.” (Reported  by Bukhari and Muslim on the authority of Adiyy b. Hatim).
In another tradition, one of his companions asked him about hunting with slingshots, and he replied, “They are not fit for hunting… for they (cause disfiguring and) breake the teeth and eyes.” (Reported by Bukhari and Muslim on the authortiy of Abd Allah b. Mughaffal).
In still another report the Prophet (peace be upon him) was asked about using slip shots: "You are allowed to eat what you slaughter by invoking the name of Allah (once it has fallen) bleeding.” (Reported by Imam Ahmad on the authority of Adiyy b. Hatim).
Based on the above traditions, eminent scholars have ruled: If a bird is shot down by guns, one should slaughter it if is caught alive; if however,  the bird falls dead, you are allowed to eat it only if you fire the shots by invoking the name of Allah.
What we stated above is the preferred view of eminent scholars since guns used for hunting today are sharp; they pierce the flesh causing bleeding. Hence it is comparable to Mi’radh mentioned in the well-attested tradition cited above.


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