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Question: Asalamu Alaykum I would appreciate your support in solving my situation in the light of Islam I have a 1 year old child and I am 40 years old I have severe hand inflammation due to which I have been taking strong medication for its pain ad I recently found out that I am 7 weeks pregnant and the doctor advised me to either terminate the child or I will have to leave taking my medication as it will harm the child but that's not possible for me because I have severe pain in my hands and I can't go a day without taking the medications. As I am a hanafi I would lIke to know what Islam says what shall I do ? Jazakallah khair
If the medical condition you are in is severe and you cannot function without it, then you are allowed to abort pregnancy as long as you do so before it proceeds beyond 120 days.
If however there is no such necessity, then it is sinful. Abortion is haraam (forbidden) except in dire emergencies; it would be akin to murder if it occurs after ensoulment occurs - which happens 120 days after conception.
For details, you may refer to the answer linked below.


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