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Question: I am having a problem of has been 3 years me trying to quit it.but i couldnt .i cannot tell about this addiction to my parents or other relatives.butI told this to a friend(non muslim girl). so my question is can I keep a relationship with a girl untill I quit my addiction?
I don’t understand the specific intent of your question. Are you suggesting you want to divulge this secret to a girl friend until you quit your addiction? If this is correct, I don’t see how it would help you overcome this addiction. If you are serious about overcoming this addiction, you should seek the help of a professional counselor. By keeping a girl find until you overcome the addiction, you are committing a double sin: Islam does not allow such a relationship in the first place, and on top of that, you are divulging your sin to someone else who cannot help you in any way.

 On spiritual tips to overcome destructive addictions, please refer to the answer linked below:

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