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Question: I am a years non-married male and was working in a company with a years married Muslim lady. During one-year job I never said anything wrong to her or touched her. She was then treating me as her brother. After that company bankrupted, she asked me to help her to get a job. In this new job, we had to work during the weekends. Her husband and family trusted me. She and I were the only persons in the building during weekends and she was sitting just next to me. Next weekend, she went into the toilet and I followed her there to see her naked. I went in the toilet next to her and raised myself up to see her, she suddenly lifted her face up and saw me and screamed a lot. I begged her to forgive me but she shouted at me and ran out of the building. I didnt touch her at all. She then reported this to police and police formally warned me, that if I tried to harass her again, they will take me to court. I want to say sorry to her and her husband but dont know how to face them, they cannot believe on this ashamed act. I did istakhara, but couldnt see anything. I am really stressed and feeling guilty, doing istaghfar a lot. It affected my life and work a lot. Now eight months have now gone, but this incident is stuck to my mind, she changed her mobile number. Shall I go to her house and beg them to forgive me or forget this which is impossible for me.

What you have done is a most grievous sin; it is therefore imperative that you repent sincerely and make amends in order to wipe it out. For your repentance to be sincere and valid you should stay away from her and never be in touch with her again. Also, it is also advisable, that in future you avoid all situations where you are likely to be isolated with any member of the opposite sex.

The first step towards repentance is to recognize the seriousness of the sin you have committed. Allah warns us against going any where near adultery or fornication; by attempting to break into a woman’s washroom, you have indeed committed an enormity. So cry over what you have done and ask Allah’s forgiveness. One of the reasons for your downfall was that you had already broken a number of rules established by the Law-Giver, for in the first place Islam warns us against isolating ourselves with any member of the opposite sex, for by doing so we are exposing ourselves to temptations. Since Devil runs through blood veins of human beings, he will definitely seek to tempt us in our vulnerable moments. He is sneaky and deceptive; therefore we must ever be on guard against Devil by keeping ourselves away from such situations and circumstances to the best of our ability. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “No man shall be isolated with a woman (who is not related to her in blood or marriage), for if he does so, their third companion will be the Devil.” He also said, “Eyes commit adultery, ears commit adultery, tongue commits adultery, hands commit adultery and the private parts either confirms it or repudiates it.”

Secondly, in order for your repentance to be complete, you must refrain from all associations and circumstances that led you into this grave sin in the first place; so you must stay away from her and other women and never give in to the habit of being isolated with any member of the opposite sex. Thirdly, you must also resolve in your own mind never to repeat the same. Furthermore, engage in some good works in order to expiate for the sin you have committed.

You are also advised to protect yourself against falling into sins by finding a suitable marriage partner and getting married. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “O young people, those of you who have the means should get married, for it helps you to lower your gazes and guard your chastity; if anyone cannot afford to do so, let him fast in order to discipline himself.”

Finally, arm yourself with dhikr and du’a as much as possible when you venture out or even better at all times in order to keep your thought on the straight path.

The following du’as will be of definite help:

Rabbi qinee sharra basaree; rabbi qinee sharra sam’ee; rabbi qinee sharra lisaanee; rabbi qinee sharra maniyee
(My Lord, guard and protect me against evils associated with my eyes, guard and protect me against the evils associated with my ears; guard and protect me against the evils associated with my tongue; guard and protect me against the evils associated with my private parts).

Furthermore, read sayyid al-istighfaar with the firm intention of sincere repentance for the sins you have committed; and make it a habit to read it on a daily basis early morning as well as before retiring to bed:
Allaahumma anta rabbee laa ilaaha ilaa anta khalaqtanee wa ana abduka wa ana alaa ahdika wa wa’dika ma’istata’tu a’oodhu bika min sharri maa sana’tu, aboo’u laka bi ni’matika alayya wa aboo’u bi dhanbee fa ighfir lee fa innahu laa yaghfiru al-dhunooba illa anta
(O Allah, You are My Lord; there is no god but You; You have created me, and I am Your servant; I stand firmly by the covenant that I have made with You according to the best of my ability. I seek refuge in You from the evils of my own actions. I acknowledge all of Your favors upon me, and I confess my sins before You; so forgive me, for no one except You have the power to forgive sins.)
May Allah save us all from the evil inclinations of our carnal souls and may He bestow on us pardon and forgiveness-aameen.

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