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Question: I am a university Student studying mathematics. I plan on becoming a mathematics Professor, insha'Allah. I love solving mathematics problems. My question is, will I have the chance to do mathematics problems in Jannah, if I ever enter it? I think I would love doing that because math is simply a part of my life, especially after reading about Isaac Newton and the Greek mathematicians.

I must commend you for your zealous devotion to mathematics. If you are taking up this field of study to benefit humanity, while you are truly conscious of your duties to your Creator, then insha Allah, you can hope to enter paradise. Paradise we are told is where all of our dreams and desires find ultimate consummation and fulfillment. It is where we shall experience such eternal bliss, “the like of which no eyes have ever seen, no ears have ever heard about, and no mind has ever conceived.” Many philosophers thought that the pleasures of paradise are purely intellectual as they considered only such pleasures as worthy of mention, others reduced it to purely physical pleasures, and still others to pure spiritual ecstasy, the sound approach to take-- if we are to do justice to all of the evidences in the scriptures describing the pleasures of paradise-- is to say: in paradise all of our desires will find ready fulfillment. Therefore, it is only apt to conclude that as a mathematician you let us assume that insha Allah you will enjoy solving the most abstruse problems of mathematics. So prepare yourself for it by ardently devoting yourself to the service of your Creator even as you focus on your own chosen filed of specialization: mathematics.

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