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Question: Dear Sir I have sent you a detailed question in May 2010 about delay in my marriage by parents just because they want to do marriage of my elder sister first who is 35 (5 years older than me!) what should I do?

If you are an adult, and you fear falling into sins if you remain unmarried then you have the right to get married to a person who is compatible in terms of sound faith, acceptable character and ability to support you. It is the duty of the father to facilitate the marriage and not to block it--unless he brings another candidate with the requisite credentials, and you are comfortable in marrying him. Otherwise, he cannot stop you from marrying the person you want to marry-- based on the reason you have mentioned: i.e. he wants your sister to be married first.

However, I advise you to use all the available means to convince your father. If you cannot convince him, you should get help of the wiser people in the community whom he may trust to be flexible about it.

If nothing works, then you should see if your uncle or brother can act as a guardian for you. If they are not available you may delegate someone to represent you and act as your representative. 

For further details, you may also read my previous answer under the link given below.


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