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Question: Is it a sin to suck the breasts of wife as an act of foreplay?

While you are perfectly allowed to engage in acts of foreplay, including sucking on or licking the breasts of your wife, but it is not at all considered a good idea for you to draw the milk in and consume it; for even though it may not be considered a strictly haraam according to many scholars, however, there is a minority of them who consider that ingesting breast-milk in sufficient quantities, even it takes place at a later age, may render the marriage null and void. For according to them drinking the breast-milk, regardless of the age differences may result in establishing a mahram relationship between the woman who provides the milk and the person who drinks it. Therefore, I urge you to take care not to draw the milk in or consume it while engaging in foreplay. We are to avoid the doubtful as much as possible; that is closer to piety. The Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Leave that which is doubtful in favor of that which is not doubtful.”

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