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Question: Why are so many Moslems so anxious to give their lives in the name of suicide bombings?

An explanation for this must be sought elsewhere, and not in the sound understanding and practice of Islam.

Islam for a fact does not allow anyone either to take his/her own life or to take the life of an innocent person--- no matter what the cause may be.

Those who claim that by killing oneself and killing innocent people they are doing jihad, are clearly wrong. They are simply violating the explicit teachings of Islam. For according to the explicit teachings of the Qur’an, taking a single life unjustly is akin to taking the life of all of humanity.

Therefore, it is clear that those who do such heinous crimes in the name of jihad are indeed abusing this noble concept. As is well known to jurists belonging to all of the well established schools of jurisprudence in Islam, in order for jihad to be valid, it must be declared by a legitimate authority. In other words, jihad can never be confused with the erratic or whimsical actions of individuals who take the law into their own hands. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case in the present day Iraq. For what we see there is a complete breakdown of law and order. The American invasion of Iraq has only resulted in chaos and anarchy rather than in any semblance of order or implanting of democracy for that matter.

Therefore, all of us must seek explanations for the phenomenon of rising number of suicide bombers—a phenomenon which by no means is peculiar to Muslims alone--not in the teaching of Islam but elsewhere. Perhaps political scientists, objective journalists or social psychologists can tell us about the factors that drive people to such acts of violence, which is unthinkable for human beings to contemplate under normal conditions.

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