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Question: My question: Is it wrong for a couple who have committed adultery to get married with each other if they have sincerely repented? I know that in surah noor verse , it says that a zani (fornicating) man can marry a zani or a mushrik (polytheist), and the same case with zaniyah woman. But then, it is also said that if you sincerely repent, then you can marry a clean woman. Please clarify my confusion.

A fornicator marrying another fornicator is fornication.

However, if they have both repented, have lived a clean life for sometime, and then married each other, the authentic view is that there is nothing wrong with that. The Prophet, peace be on him, said, “One who has repented of a sin sincerely is like one who has never sinned!” (Reported by Ibn Majah, Bayhaqi, Tabarani and others). So there is no objection to this marriage as long as they have repented and changed themselves for the better.

There is, however, another view that is held by Aishah, the mother of the faithful, and the beloved wife of the Prophet, peace be on him.  This view indicates that they are not allowed to marry each other.  Because the couple hastened to fulfill their desires before the acceptable time, and as such, as a punishment, they would be deprived of ever getting married.

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