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Question: If someone wears a hijab for a year then takes it of and then wants to wear it again will allah forgive the person? is there a certain age you have to wear the hijab by? please answer soon. shukran.

You are commended for your great zeal to comply with the order of Allah. Allah is Forgiving and Merciful; He is always ready to accept those who return to Him in repentance. So never despair of Allah's mercy.

Allah says, "All My Servants who have acted excessively against their own souls! Don't lose hope of God's mercy, for God can forgive all sins. He is the Forgiving and the Merciful. Turn towards your Lord and surrender to Him before the punishment overwhelms you, for then you'll have no one to help you. " (Quran: 39: 53-54).

Therefore, I urge you to comply with the order of Allah, ask forgiveness of Him, and seek to remain steadfast in adhering to the commandments of Allah.

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