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Question: salam u alikum im in my teen years and have not wore jeans because my dad didnt allow me when i come to think about it a feel really happy for the fact that my dad cares about my life after death but now i have started wearing a abaya and i want to wear jeans under it so it that permisible because no one is going to see it. and i go to a private school (only girls) wear my uniform is a long top with jeans so thats why i want to wear it is it permissible please answer this is my 3rd question (since 2 and a half weeks) and no 1 is replying me

There is nothing wrong in wearing jeans under your abaaya. Since the modest attire prescribed for both males and females in Islam is intended to express modesty, preserve dignity, and honor for both males and females, it is important that the outer garment should be loose fitting so that the shape and contours of the body are not exposed.  For details on women's attire, please read my previous answers posted earlier; here are the links to two of them.

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