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Question: Salam Aliakum. I am a recently divorced muslimah and already I have a brother who has proposed marriage to me. hamdulillah.But there is one problem. I have HSVII (genital herpes). I have informed this brother of my condition from the start because I do not want him to get excited about marriage and then become disappointed. He has absolutely no problem with it from what he has told me and is willing to put himself at risk of contracting HSVII by marrying me. Is this permissible to marry someone who has a chronic condition? Please take into consideration that it is not deadly ( I can still have children and live a normal life) and if anything it's more an annoying problem because it's just like getting a pimple down there and is triggered by stress or a low immune system when one is sick.And there is a lot of stigma towards it because it is in the genital area even though it is the same virus that causes cold sores (HSVI)which many people get even children.

If you have told him upfront about your medical condition, and he is completely  satisfied and happy to marry you in spite of that, then there is nothing wrong for you in marrying him, especially if your condition is under control, and you are receiving the necessary treatment for it.

However, I would advise both of you to put it in writing in order to forestall any future dispute that may arise later. I pray to Allah to cure you of your condition and restore your health.


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