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Question: alsalamu alaikum wa rahamut allah w barakatuh.Dear scholar I am facing a very hard issue in my life right now and i need you help.I met a man who was a non-muslim interested in converting to islam and he recently converted and propsed to me. I believe he is sincere in his belief other wise i wouldnt have considered him. However my father is not willing to give his blessing. he didnt refuse as he said that i should take my time to think but he is most likely against this marriage. I do not want to marry someone without my father's consent as i dont want my marriage to be invalid. however i have 2 brothers who are not against my marriage to this man... will their consent be enough? my father i know he will grow to accept this marriage in time. since my oldest brother married a new convert and he was very against it before but now he grew to love my brothers wife and their children.this is not the first time my father refuses a marriage proposal from someone i am considering he however was willing to accept a proposal i got from a man and we both knew that he - drinks slept with a dozen women doesnt pray or fast. I honestly do not trust my dad's judgement at all.. from how he considered this man and how he got married to a woman for 2 months last year who was not a muslim christian or jew and with no marriage contract. please advice if my dad's consent is required in order to make this marriage valid.Thanks for your time.

Pleas consult previous answers posted on this site, the link to one of them is attached herewith.

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