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Question: Assalam alaikoum I have affections for a religious Muslim girl that i currently study with at uni and i want to get to know her more. Am I permitted to meet with her in public areas (and of course do nothing that is haraam or will displease Allah)? Also is it alright to tell her how i feel about her when the time is right before letting my parents know?Thank you and jazakallah kheir

There is nothing un-Islamic about such feelings, unless you get carried away by them to go  beyond the bounds of the Islamic ethics of interaction between man and woman. Islam forbids isolation between male and female who are unrelated in blood or marriage; therefore, you are not allowed to meet with her privately. You are, however, allowed to meet and talk to her in order to determine whether you are compatible--as long as it is done in the company of her Muslim friends or in public view under the watchful eyes of fellow Muslims.  

Once you are able to ascertain her compatibility in regard to her faith and character, there is no harm for you in indicating to her about your feeling towards her without in any way breaking the bounds of halaal and haraam. The Prophet (peace be upon him) has allowed us to meet and speak to the potential candidates for marriage before making the final decision.

Having said this, I must say that you are not allowed to propose to her except through her own parents or guardians.


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