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Question: Assalamu alaykum brother. This question is concerning marriage. There is a women I know and that I love very much. I don't know if she feels the same about me but I want to marry her. Can I make dua to marry this specific woman?

Choosing a marriage partner, above all,  should be based on sound faith and character. Considerations of beauty, family status and wealth are all secondary considerations; they are not the most important factors to consider.

If therefore you have found the woman to meet the above criteria then you are allowed to pray to Allah to facilitate it for you.

Otherwise, you should simply pray to Allah saying: O Allah, if according to Your perfect knowledge, it is deemed good for me to be married to this girl, then facilitate it for me; if, on the other hand, You decree it to be bad for me, then turn my mind away from her.

Also, pray to Allah to grant you all that is good for you in this world and all that is good for you in the next world and save you from the torments of Hell.

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