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Question: Assalaamu Alaikum SheikhI got engaged with a Muslim girl from a very religious Muslim family. We did not have any function for the engagement as such but we informed the relatives. After that I talked with her on phone. I found that she would not be suitable for me as she talks very fast that I don't find comfortable and also talks in bit of dominating manner and also did not have the kind of shyness in talk i expect. Though the girl is very religious i had to call off the engagement which caused lot of heart burn with the girl's family. Have I committed a sin ? I feel very guilty conscious.Please advise me. JazakallahThahir

If you had reasonable grounds to believe that the girl was not compatible for you, then you did not do any wrong in calling it off. It is better to break an engagement rather than marrying someone you find it impossible to forge a happy marriage partnership. So I advise you never to look back and move on with your life. However, should you feel you have wronged anyone then don't hesitate to apologize to them, and also ask Allah's forgiveness for all of your sins, outward and inward, of which you are aware, as well as those you are not.


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