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Question: My wife miscarried at the end of third month of gestation. Sonographic test in the th week of gestation showed Cardiac activity absent in both fetuses. This was again confirmed in the th week. Due to severe bleeding at the end of th week the doctor advised to abort the pregnancy or it will be dangerous the mother. Learned Sir, have we done wrong and how do we deal in accordance with the sharia'h.

Your wife has done nothing wrong in aborting the pregnancy in this case. For, as I can infer from your question, she underwent the procedure because of perceived threat to her life in case of carrying the pregnancy to the end.
In exceptional case like this, Islam permits abortion. This falls under the category stated in the principle, "exigencies render the prohibited as lawful (al-zzarooraat tubeehu al-mahdhooraat).

So neither you nor your wife should feel guilty about it; ask forgiveness of Allah and implore Him to grant you a substitute or patience in your loss.

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