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Question: Does watching TV shows that involved illusions trickery and misdirection etc take one out of Islam even if he believes it is all to do with the mind and not magic?

Watching  TV shows such as the ones you have described is definitely sinful, although it does not automatically take a person out of the fold of Islam--unless you believe them to be a depiction of truth or facts.  However, since faith increases or decreases according to the actions we perform, habits like this will certainly have adverse effects on our faith, and may eventually end up depriving  us of true faith. Furthermore, since time is life itself and is in short supply, and the only asset we have to expend on seeking our abode in the next world, no Muslim can afford to kill them in this way. So if you had been doing this, I sincerely advise you to repent to Allah and expiate for them by engaging in good deeds. If you are planning to do them, then think hard,  and dissuade yourself against it, for it is better to stay away from sins than struggling with repentance and making mends for them. I pray to Allah to inspire us to dedicate ourselves to His service and thus make us all worthy of entering the eternal kingdom, where He has prepared for us what no ears have heard, and no eyes have seen, and no mind has ever conceived.


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