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Question: Assalamu aleykum. Is it permissible to listen or read the Quran in a store that sells alcohol and other haraam stuff?

Although it is sinful for a person to sell alcohol or haraam products,  nevertheless, because of that, no one is allowed to tell him/her to give up the good deeds they are doing such as praying, reading or listening to the Qur'an. Perhaps such virtuous deeds may lead him or her to give up the sins they are committing.

It is our duty as Muslims to try to save our brothers and sisters who are straying from the straight path. We  must do so in a gentle and compassionate way. Even as we would save those who are drowning, we ought to do everything in our means to bring them back to the straight path. We are to offer them sincere advice, while praying to Allah for their guidance. While giving nasihah we need to remind them of the mercy as well as the wrath of Allah.


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