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Question: Hello Again Brother in Islam. I'm marring this guy I doing know marry him or not? I hard lots of stuff about him that's not well. So I think that he has made lot of mistake.. But i don't know how is he know when i meet him he was a very nice guy..but I don't know about know..?Please help me.

If I understand your question correctly, you want to marry a man who has a bad reputation as many people speak ill of him. You want to ask whether you should marry him. If you already know that the man has a bad reputation, you should marry him only if he has changed himself for better. If the man is continuing his bad life-style, then it is not advisable to marry him. The Prophet ordered us to marry those with sound faith and character. For he tells us any other criteria such as being handsome or rich or of higher family should never be the most important criteria to value while considering marriage. The reasons are clear: it is more likely that a marriage built on piety and virtue may have a greater chance of surviving. 

So you are best advised to consider whether he has changed.



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