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Question: some Islamic lecturer told that if u talk to a women u like before marriage(just talk no other relations) and then u get married afterward with that women that marriage is not allowed in Islam and that ''Nikkah'' is not ''Halal'' Also said that mostly ALLAH don't give children to that couple and even if He give them children they wouldn't be alright Now i want u to please answer me because i can not find any such thing in Ahadees or Quran

It is absolutely wrong to say that you are not allowed to talk to a girl before marrying her. In fact, the Prophet told us: "If you consider marrying a girl, first go and look at her before deciding, for it is more likely to cement the relationship." We also know from the Qur'an itself that men and women who are not related in marriage or blood can speak to each other as long as they are not flirtatious. Women used to appear in public while the Prophet was sitting with his companions; some of them even offering themselves in marriage to him or others. They often had public exchanges.  So there is nothing wrong for you in speaking to the girl you wish to marry--provided you do so within the limits of the Islamic ethics.

It is, therefore, my humble opinion that you may have either heard your teacher wrong or misunderstood him, for I don't think anyone who is knowledgeable in Islam can make such statements.

Even more preposterous is to say that such marriages are rendered haraam and the couples would be deprived of children. No one is allowed to make statements like these that are based on sheer superstitions.



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