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Question: I want to know that if i only worked as shovel operator & i m applying for job & in CV i m saying " i hereby i worked as shovel & crane operator with so & so company.." ...but i never did as crane operator except i sat for few hours on my friend's is it permissible to do that...reply please as soon as possible...

It is wrong on your part to do so, for we are not allowed to lie. Allah orders us to be truthful. Remember the Prophet (peace be upon him) was known as the truthful. He also said, "Be truthful for truthfulness is virtue and virtue leads to paradise; and shun lying for lying is sinful and sins leads to hell fire."

Allah tells us that He is always with those who are truthful. So rest assured that if you were to seek His help, strive hard,  and trust in Him, He will certainly come to your help. Allah says: "Whoever remains conscious of Allah, He will provide relief for him and provide sustenance for him in ways he would not be able to imagine."

The Prophet also said: "If you were to put your trust in Allah (after striving as best as you can), He will provide for you as He provides for birds: see how they fly out of their nests at dawn and return satisfied at dusk."

So don't give up trying and be truthful and ask Allah's help; He will surely provide for you.


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