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Question: AOA.first of i would like to pay bundle of thanks to you for giving us your great value advises and services via distance learning.I have 2 Questions very clear.1. I have step father means my mother got divorce by court due to family reasons from my real father. at that i was only 12 years old.then my mother 2nd Q is what relation is developed according to Islam between me and my mother's 2nd husband.while my mother gave birth of 1 son and 1 daughter after 2nd marriage. also what relation is developed between these 2 kids and 2nd Q is that I am getting married in near what is relation between my wife and my mother's 2nd husband. is he na-mahram to my wife according to Islamic terms.please clarify my questions at the earliest possible time with you. I am grateful to your for giving me right advises at right time.

Your step father is not like your own father. However, as he is your mother's husband and father of your brother and sister, you owe him respect. His son and daughter born of your mother are your brother and sister. You are a mahram to the sister, even though you have different fathers.

As far as your future wife is concerned, your stepfather is not considered a mahram to her. Therefore, she needs to observe full hijab in front of him; likewise, all other restrictions of interaction between males and females also apply. The reason is: in case, Allah forbids, if you were to divorce your wife, there is no marriage barrier between your step father and her.


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