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Question: I have lost my will to live but I know I don't have the right to take away my life. So what do I live for? I want nothing I have no purpose no desire. What should I do?

I really empathize with your situation.  It is all too easy for all of us to fall into a state of despair when we face hardships in life. However, instead of giving up hope and resigning ourselves to despondency, we have another choice: to mobilize the resources of our faith and summon courage and patience in face of the trials of this life. Allah tells us in the Qur'an, "O My servants who have wronged their souls, do not despair of Allah's mercy, for Allah forgives all sins. He truly is the Forgiving and the Merciful. Turn towards your Lord and surrender to Him before the punishment overwhelms you, for then you will have no one to help you." (Qur'an: 39: 53).

So in face of your trials, you need to turn to the Qur'an for comfort and solace at all times, for it is the true source of healing and mercy. I urge you to read surah yusuf. As our pious elders have said, reading surah yasin is bound to soothe the hearts of the grieving and bring joy to the distressed. You should also comfort yourself by thinking of the transient nature of this life and look towards the hereafter which alone is the abode free from toil and strife.

The following tradition of the Prophet is worthy of pondering: On the day of judgement, Allah will summon a person who had the best of times in this world. After dipping him for an instant in the hell, Allah will ask him, 'son of Adam, have you experienced any joy in your life before?', he would reply, 'never! For his experience of the hell made him forget all the joys he had known.  Later, Allah will produce another man, who had only endured pain and suffering. After exposing him for an instant to the blissful experience of heaven, his Lord will ask him, 'son of Adam, did you experience any suffering in your life?', the man will reply, 'never have I!" For his instant exposure to the bliss of paradise made him forget all the suffering he had ever endured!

So never fail to turn to Allah through regular prayer. The Prophet described prayer as an oasis bringing joy to his heart. Also, supplicate to Allah to remove your feeling grief, despair and despondency and replace them with joy and peace:

Allaahumma ij'ali al-Quran al-azheema rabee qalbee wa noora sadree wa jalaa huznee wa dhahaaba hammee

(O Allah, render the great Qur'an for me the spring of my heart, light of my chest, and the remover of my grief and worry.)

allaahumma rahmataka arjoo falaa takilnee ilaa nafsee tarfata a'ynin

(O Allah, I beg for your mercy; have mercy on me, and do not abandon me to my own devices even for an instant.)


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