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Question: If a Muslim intentionally misses some of his daily prayers without completely abandoning the prayer will his repentance still be accepted if he repents from another sin of a different nature even though he isn't praying five times a day?


Prayer is the foremost pillar of Islam, second only to the testimony of faith. It is the first religious duty enjoined upon Prophet Muhammad as well on all prophets before him as guides of humanity. We are also told that salah is the hallmark of a true believer that sets him apart from a disbeliever. The prophet further narrated from Allah that the covenant between us humans and Allah is Prayer: one who establishes salah establishes religion; own who neglects it neglects religion. And Allah has promised paradise for him who establishes salah; one who neglects it will be consigned to hell with the worst of mankind in hell: tyrants such as Pharoah, Korah, Nimrod and their ilk.

In light of the above, it is inconceivable for anyone who claims to be a Muslim to neglect his prayer; if he ever does it, he must hasten to perform it without delay. So you should consider establishing salah as a priority, while you repent of your sins. Because Allah says when we establish prayers, the sins we are repenting from will be forgiven to us. So if you are worried about your sins, and you want to seek forgiveness of Allah the best way is to repent. The procedure of  repentance entails the following: feeling remorse for your sins; refraining from it altogether as well giving up all those incentives or accessories associated with it; resolving firmly never to do it. Last but not least is following it up with good deeds; and remember that nothing of them beats salah in importance.

Therefore, I urge you to motivate yourself to be consistent in your salah by convincing yourself of the  many benefits of salah. To list a few: salah is the light of the believer; it fills our hearts with a sense of  peace and security; it lightens our graves; it is the key to jannah (paradise). You may also read my positing on repentance under the link given below.


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