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Question: Assalamo alikum ..! resected sheikh..i have a problem hope u wil help me out. well i have some friends in my university they are two faced in front of teachers they say something else & with us they are i loose my temper.& i behave very rude with them which i dont want to...Please advise me how should I treat them...& tell me any dua for patieince..jazakilahu kair...& i m really thankful to u for all ur answers which u did..jazakalahu

Behaving or acting like two faced is a grave sin. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Among the worst of mankind to appear before Allah on the day of resurrection is persons with faces: he comes to one with one face, and then to another with a different face."

What is important for you is to avoid befriending such people. If they are Muslims you need to advise them of the gravity of the sin they are committing. Perhaps they are not aware of it. If they still persist in behaving the same way, you need to avoid them.  By being friends with them, you also will be contributing to the sin they are doing.

It is normal for a good Muslim to be disturbed by such behaviour. However, you need to keep cool, and if they do not accept the advice and have no plan to change, you cannot be friends with them. I advise you to read the following du'as

Allaahumma habbib ilayna al-eimaana wa zayyinhu fee quloobinaa wa karrih ilaynaa al-kufra wa al-fusooqa wa al-'isyaana

(O Allah, make faith dear to our hearts and embellish our hearts with it, and grant that we have disbelief, sins and transgressions)

Allaahumma ihdinee li ahsani al-akhlaaqi fa innahu laa yahdee li ahsanihaa illaa anta wa isrif 'annee sayyi'ahaa fa innahu laa yasrif 'annee sayyi'ahaa illa anta

(O Allah, guide me to the best of character and morals, for only You can guide me to the best of character and morals; and turn me away from the worst of character and morals, for only You can turn me away from them).


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