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Question: My cousin told me a secret about something he did. What my cousin did is a very bad mistake and he made me promise him that I won't tell anyone especially his parents. If I tell his parents they can't change what he did but am I obligated to tell them? Will God be mad at me if I don't tell them?

If your cousin has sinned, it would have been best for him to ask forgiveness of Allah and repent to him and never disclose it to anyone else. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "if anyone of you has been tested by falling into filthy acts, let him take the cover of Allah (and not divulge it to anyone else)."

It was, therefore, a mistake on his part to disclose the secret.  Now that he has disclosed it to you, it is  your duty to keep the secret as long as he is not persisting in it. If, however,  he has not changed, and he persists in the sin, then you need to advise him sincerely. To fail to do so is akin to letting him drown. If he still persists then you need to warn his parents; there is no need for  you to go into details.


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