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Question: How do you gain back control over your body or your nafs? I feel as though I'm becoming a slave to my bodily desires (food/sleep/sexual desires). I have no illness or anything my bodily desires just seem to be overpowering me and it's hard for me to control it. I'm not asking about the punishments of such sort of sins that I'm involved in as a result of me giving into my desires (as I'm already WELL aware of them) I'm just asking about how to overcome such a challenge that's leading me down a path of sin.

I commend you for your feeling of remorse over your sins. Recognizing the gravity of sins is, however, the first step; following it up by taking immediate, active steps towards repentance and doing what it takes to remain steadfast on it is even more important. You can only achieve success in this through self-motivation by convincing yourself of the gravity of the situation and linking your behavior with pure pain and suffering. Once you have done so by gaining enough knowledge of the gravity of sins, the next step is to start doing the opposite. For we cannot get rid of any bad habit, unless we replace it by another good one; habits are repeated actions that we do day in and day out.

On further details, please access the following answer I have posted on a similar question.


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