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Question: Could you please tell me if attaching/uploading pictures for job application is haram? I have a passport-size picture but without wearing hijab can I use that as part of my job application process?

If you believe in hijab, you should always be seen in hijab except in front of men who are mahrams to you: your husband, and closest male relatives you cannot be married to (see the verse 24: 31). The purpose of hijab is that no stranger sees you in less than modest dress. This applies to showing others your photos while you are not attired appropriately as well. So I suggest that you take a couple of new shots wearing modestly and yet nicely and upload them and not the old ones. Mind you, you don't need to wear niqab (face veil) since it is not part of the prescribed hijab, and therefore, you are not required to cover your face.

If you fear that you will not get a job while wearing hijab, you need to convince yourself of two things: 1) It is Allah, who moves the hearts of people to hire you; so depend on Him alone for He is al-rrazzaq (the Provider); 2. There is no shortage of women professionals in hijab who are working in numerous positions.

So the best advice I can give you is to get a new set of pictures with hijab yet dressed nicely, and professionally, and upload them and send them with your application, while beseeching Allah to grant you a halal and decent job.


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