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Question: I know that its a sin to live with someone who you are not married to..But if you had premarital sex..and your still living with the person. What can you do to change your situation and if we repent will we be forgiven?


You recognize that it is a sin for you to live with a woman you are not married to, and you are still doing it, and yet you are asking what can you do to repent and be forgiven. I think you know the answer yourself. Repentance of any sin entails the following steps: 1, to feel remorse for the sin; 2, to refrain from it completely; 3, to resolve never to do it again; 4, finally to follow it up with good deeds.

So if you are serious about repentance you need to move out and cut off all relations with her or any other woman for that matter and then ask forgiveness of Allah.

For further details you may read my detailed answers on repentance; here is the link to one of them.


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