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Question: I have finished studying Chartered Accountancy (ACCA) recently. I wear only headscarf but no veil. Is it halal for me to work in a place as an accountant where there is free mixing environment. I live in Bangladesh and there is no such place or company where it recruits only female employees. Everywhere there are male and female employees working together. In such a case is it ok for me to look for an accountancy job?

If you wear the modest attire prescribed by Islam for women and conduct yourself in full compliance with the Islamic ethics of interaction between males and females, then you are allowed to work in such a milieu. Islam allows men and women to work in the same setting as long as they abide by the Islamic guidelines. So I advise you to take all the safeguards and conduct yourself appropriately while you are in your workplace and pray to Allah to help you remain chaste and modest. Here are two supplications (du'as) you may read regularly before setting out to the work:

Allaahumma innee a'oodhu bika an adhilla aw udhalla;  aw azilla aw uzalla;  aw ajhala aw yujuhala alayya;

rabbi qinee sharra sam'ee;  rabbi qinee sharra basaree; rabbi qinee sharra lisaanee; rabbi qinee sharra maniyyee

(O Allah, I seek refuge in You from straying away from the straight path or being forced to stray away, or from slipping up or being forced to slip up, or acting foolishly, or others acting foolishly towards me.)

On the proper rules of modest attire for women while going out, please consult my answer under the following link.


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