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Question: Is there any difference between the performance of salaah of men and women ? i.e. standing sitting, takbir-tahrima etc. How important is it to follow these rule IF there is any such rule at all. If there is - why is it? is it mentioned in Qur'an ? What are the differences IF there is any?

There are no major differences between men and women in the manner and method of performance of prayer; if there had been such differences, then it is more than likely that the Prophet, peace be upon him, would have been silent on this issue; it is our understanding that the Prophet, peace be upon him, has clearly spelled out for us the essential requirements of our religion clearly and precisely; however, there are minor points which have been cited by scholars as constituting a difference of some sort between males and females in this matter; differences are due to the physiology of women and their need for privacy and confidentiality in order to preserve intact their God-given dignity and honor.
1. While in ruku man is to stretch out his arms slightly on his sides, women, however, are exempt from this requirement as they are supposed to close them in as reported by Aishah.
2. In sujud while men are supposed to distance their tummy from their thighs and stretch out arms slightly, women, again, supposed to close them.
There are some other points cited in the works of fiqh; there is no consensus among jurists and scholars regarding them; so they are at best controversial; the reason for this is due lack of any firm support in the authentic sources.
May Allah grant us all the wisdom to keep the pristine purity of the Islamic acts of worship without any tampering and interference by whimsical human opinions—aameen.

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