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Question: I am a year old girl an Alhamdullilah I have been fasting in Ramadan so far. The problem is that I have anemia and my doctor has advised not to fast since I will not be getting adequate nutrients. I have not felt any weakness during fasting, and I think that I am too young to use such an excuse not to fast. Should I continue fasting or should I listen to my doctor?

May Allah grant you enhanced sincerity and conviction in your understanding and practice of Islam!

If your physician is a trustworthy person and he/she has advised you not to fast because of your peculiar medical condition, then you should act on their advice; for Islam does not allow us to torture ourselves. Allah has revealed laws which are primarily intended to help us remain healthy and sound in mind and body. Allah says while prescribing fasting on the believers, “…. But he/she who is ill or on a journey shall fast (a same) number of days later on…” (Qur’an: 2: 185). If, however, there is no hope for the sick to recover, then they should offer fidyah (compensation) which involves feeding a poor person for each of the days of Ramadhaan fast one has missed.

So if you have a reasonable hope that you will recover from this condition, then you ought to make up the fasts you have missed later on. If, however, yours is a permanent condition, then you need only to offer fidayh as stated above.

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