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Question: While fasting I slept with my wife and had foreplay that led to ejaculation. What should I do to compensate?

If you deliberately engaged in foreplay while fasting, and ejaculated, then you have violated the sanctity of Ramadhaan. You must make up for the violation by fasting the same day; it is also recommended that you offer something by way of charity as well in order to expiate for your mistake.

If, however, you ejaculated following intercourse being carried away by foreplay, then you ought to fast two months consecutively; if you find this rather difficult, then you must feed sixty poor people for that single day of fast you have missed.

Ramadhaan is a blessed month of infinite blessings, and it is our Islamic duty to observe its sanctities; so while fasting, we must guard our fasts against acts or words that nullify it. So in future you should be extremely cautious; for the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “Whoever breaks a single day of Ramadhaan fast without a valid reason, they cannot hope to make up for the same by fasting an entire month.”

It is also worthy of remembering in this context that while we are ordered to restrain ourselves from sexual relations with our spouses during the days of fasting, we are certainly allowed to do so without any inhibition during the night. Therefore, we must abstain from the things that Allah has forbidden, while enjoying His allowances and permissions.

So you must never take this matter lightly; it is important for you in future never to indulge in such activities while fasting; may Allah make us among those who reverence the sanctities—aameen.

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