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Question: Can you tell me how close to fajr Prayer I can read tahajjud prayer?

The cut off point for praying tahajjud is when the exact the time for Fajr begins; however, its preferred time ends fifteen or ten minutes earlier; we read in the authentic traditions that the Prophet, peace be upon him, used to pray tahajjud and witr, then he would take a brief nap in which he would dose off a little before fajr. Having said this, I must rush to add: There is nothing wrong for anyone who awakened to catch up on a few rak’ahs as long as he does so before the time for fajr starts: Let us, for instance, say: These days fajr starts around 6 am; so if a person wakes up at around 5.45 am; he can still pray a few rak’ahs if he chooses to do so; and they will still be reckoned as tahajjud.

It should be comforting for us to know, as a principle, that the Prophet, peace be upon him, said, “This religion of ours is simple and easy to follow; whoever makes it hard will only be overwhelming himself with it, thus being forced to give it up altogether!”

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