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Question: Salaam... One time we went to funfair and we went on rides and my husband sat next to my sister but I lefted him a space next to me so I can sit between them. But he choice to sit next to my sister and I was very upset because he done that couple of times on that day and he held her hand during the ride because she was scared!! is that halal?And I notice that my husband usually goes to his aunts house to see his boy cousins.. But his cousin is very young them and he sleeps over there when there's girls in the house... Is that permitted to do so? Sleeping in a house full of 3 women and 2 boys?

Your husband is not a mahram to your sister; so, for him to sit beside her is like sitting beside any other woman he is not closely related in blood or marriage. His actions, therefore, constitute a clear violation of the Islamic guidelines in regard to male-female interactions.

He is allowed to visit his aunt's house; however, he should not be sleeping there unless you accompany him. By sleeping there in the situation you have described is not befitting for a conscientious Muslim. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Keep away from the doubtful-in order to safeguard your honor and religion; if you don't you may end up committing that which is haraam."

He is also causing a rift between you and your sister. You need to advise them both against such a behavior. If they do not listen to you, you need to seek the advice of an imam or an elderly person within the community.

You should also tell them plainly that their behavior is not acceptable to you.


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