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Question: Assalam O Alaikum sir I'm asking this question on the behalf of my friend. She had been in romantic relationship with her boy friend like kissing and hugging and even they both had seen each other naked. she was serious n wanted to marry her but some how they couldn't get married. i wanted to ask that does this whole relationship also comes under zina? she is very worried about all this. thank you

The actions that you have described fall under the category of zina or fornication. Zina is not simply intercourse; there are steps prior to it which is also referred to as akin to zina. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Eyes fornicate; the fornication of eyes is lustful looks; ears fornicate; fornication of ears is hearing; tongue fornicates through speech; hands fornicate by holding; feet fornicate through walking; heart fornicates by lustful thoughts; it is consummated by the private parts."

In light of the above, she is undoubtedly guilty of transgressing the limits of Allah.

It is best for her to put a stop to this and ask forgiveness of Allah through sincere repentance. Otherwise, she is risking her faith and honor. Fornication is undoubtedly a grave sin.

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