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Question: I want to know my problem in the light of Islam as I have been searching and didn't got any answer yet.I have been married 8 months back and with my husband and his family after few days of moving in my mother in law start complaining this is a typical situation but lately she start insulting me infront of her children my husbands elder brother and sisters and few days back she insulted me abused me and tried to hit me and she even insulted my family I want to know is this right what Islam says when ones family is insulted I would like to.add this that she was not in a favor of this marriage and my husbands parents are old as well because of that I never misbehaved and argued with anyone. What should I do leave the house or leave my husband?

Your mother-in-law is definitely wrong in treating you this way. By doing so she is accumulating sins; she will have to face the judgment of Allah. Mind you, there is nothing worse than oppression in Islam. If what you are saying is correct, then she is guilty of doing precisely that. The Prophet (peace be upon him) said, "Beware of committing oppression for oppression is darkness on the Day of Judgment. Your husband should do his best to advise his mother against it. 

It would be a good idea for you and your husband to seek professional Islamic counseling. You may also seek advice from a qualified imam in the community to see if he can speak to all the three of you and help you sort out the issues and bring reconciliation..

If noting works, then you are left with one of three choices: a. to be patient and meet evil with that which is good; b. to ask your husband to provide for you another private space; c. to leave him if the abuse is unbearable.

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