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Question: If you prayed istaqara salaat and got to know that your husband was cheating on you what do you do n how do you approach this matter?

What do you mean by your question? Istikharah does not mean that Allah reveals you some hidden mystery through a dream. Rather, it is intended to seek the help of Allah in helping you to choose one of the options, all of them equally permissible. The question, whether your husband is cheating on you does not belong to this category.
Furthermore, in order for you to accuse someone you need solid proofs. You cannot simply base it on a dream. A dream could be true or false. Dreams can be projections what you already have in your mind, or they could be due to Satan's whisperings. Therefore, you are not allowed to make a judgement based on a dream.

In conclusion, I urge you to ask whether you have clear, solid proof to accuse your husband of the infidelity. If you do, then you need to confront him about it. Anyhow, you may do well to seek professional counseling.


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